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Congratulations Adrienne Lyle!
Adrienne & Wizard Made their Olympic debut in London at the 2012 Games.

Please visit her Facebook page for more info! 


"It struck me at the show, where many people showing FEI wore helmets, that top hats now kind of looked odd. Maybe because I'm sensitive now to worrying about heads, but soon we'll look like those outdated dressage pictures from the '50s if we're in a top hat! "  Courtney King-Dye

For more updates from Courtney please visit:

Courtney is currently back in the saddle on therapy horses as part of her rehabilitation. She is hoping to be back on her own horses soon. We are wishing her well in her continued recovery

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A huge congratulations to our fabulous founder Carol Jacob for earning her Century Club membership aboard her horse Shinee Coin.  Click here to read the news in The Dressage Foundation.


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